Tony Romo's Quiet Off-Season Just Got Louder

Watched an episode of The Golf Channel's Being John Daly last week and almost came to this conclusion: Tony Romo has become boring.

Almost, I said.

Romo played a couple Pro-Am rounds with Daly and the mix was - yawn - barely worthy of TV. Even when alongside one of sports' most notorious drinker/gambler/partiers, the Dallas Cowboys' quarterback proved he has this whole coachspeak thing down to perfection.

Then, thankfully, Steel Panther rode into town.

As he's done throughout his career, Romo hopped up on stage with the entertaining metal cover band, which has maintained him as a groupie despite the name change from Metal Skool. This time it was Friday night at House of Blues and Romo - as the band's special guest star - tried to sing a little on "Sweet Child O' Mine." He ain't good, but he's better than "his buddy Chase."

Then Saturday night Romo and girlfriend Candice Crawford went to the Mavs game against Oklahoma City. He sat in the first row for a while, even signing a basketball and tossing it into the stands. When the attention grew too thick, Romo slipped a couple rows up and tried to blend in.

See, he's learning.

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