TrinityVote's Clever New "Old" Ad

On the YouTubes, TrinityVote has posted three "Vote Yes" ads, in addition to Justin Spence's Mac-PC parody that Angela Hunt had redone for use on local TV (though why they didn't completely excise the bleeped-out "fuckin'" is a bit of a head-scratcher, since WFAA-Channel 8 won't run the thing till they do). Till a few moments ago I hadn't seen the ad below, but it's pretty clever -- artsy, if nothing else, what with the vintage black-and-white clips, the instructional-film narration and bold-type proclamations ("That's why they call it a floodway, EINSTEIN!!"). Might have gone with a different soundtrack, though -- it is supposed to drive me insane? --Robert Wilonsky


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