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Tuesday Morning Follow-Ups

A morning of follow-ups, it seems. First, a Friend of Unfair Park (in Richmond, Virginia, no less) sends us this story from The Daily Telegraph, which suggests that Tom Hicks' fiscal troubles with his Liverpool football club may be more substantial than reported earlier this week. Reports The Telegraph this a.m. in an exclusive behind-the-scenes, Hicks and his Canadian partner have run into a snag refinancing their investment in the squad, which "could open the door for Dubai International Capital to launch a £350 million takeover bid for the club -- a year after they were squeezed out by the Americans."

And, concerning the tearing down of the Hard Rock Cafe, a Friend of Unfair Park who's a bigwig at a local commercial real estate firm offers his two cents; they're after the jump. And if Angela Hunt's displeased with Brett Landes, who offers his comments over at Pegasus News, then our Friend's displeased with Angela Hunt. See, all are welcome here. Later today, our Friend Scott Dorn sends some snaps from the weekend's funeral for the landmark that wasn't. --Robert Wilonsky

I was just curious if Angela Hunt’s not so veiled threat to Landes and [Jack] Gosnell falls in line with any City Code.

I find it strange that when a Dallas City Council person does not get their way, they threaten to use their democratically elected position to fulfill a personal vendetta.

I would also be curious to see if Angela or the Dallas Landmark Commission had any alternatives for the site that would allow ANY owner to make enough money to even pay the taxes on that property.

Designating buildings as historical structures has gotten out of control in Dallas. Angela Hunt and the Landmark commission did not gave a shit about that building’s history, until a developer with pockets possibly deep enough to convert the property into something THEY deem proper came along; utility, function, and profitability BE DAMNED.

Is it any wonder that Deep Ellum is dying, with the most glaring evidence the decaying structure known as the Knights of the Pythians Temple?

Is it any wonder that pound for pound, the City of Dallas pales in badly needed tax revenue compared with its neighboring municipalities?

I wonder if that is because of clusterfucks that gather on behalf of people like Angela Hunt and the Landmark Commission?

Or is it all of those evil developers, who buy shitty, run-down properties at a financial risk to try and make a profit, by constructing something people want?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.