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Tune In Now For Today's Redistricting Fight

Anna, of course, is at today's council briefing, where, Mayor Mike just said, they're going to spend the next 90 minutes or so fighting over the three council-submitted redistricting maps. She'll recap later today -- the mayor said they oughta wrap the chat at 11:30, though it could go longer. But if you're itching for a first-hand look at what's sure to be a spirited skirmish over such subjects as "four winnable African-American districts," in the words of Tennell Atkins, tune in here.

As Rawlings himself said moments ago, he's "disappointed with the council that we don't have one map" to OK; Delia Jasso and Atkins agree. Rawlings is also setting aside council rules that keep public speakers away from the open mic if they've appeared at the horseshoe in the last 30 days. Come one, come all. "Today is doomsday," Atkins just said, before hinting that he'd be happy to hash this out till the wee small hours of the morning. I sure hope not on both counts.

Update at 11 a.m.: Council just went behind closed doors and into executive session, earlier than expected. It would appear they're going to resume their chat at 1:15 p.m.

Update at 4:35 p.m.: If you're not watching the redistricting fight, you should. Long story short: The mayor took some council members ("a super council of three," in the words of a furious Scott Griggs) into a room to hash out a new map, which came out of the closed meeting at 3:45, which infuriated those not invited, among them Angela Hunt, Monica Alonzo, Griggs and Delia Jasso. A council divided. "This is my map," says the mayor. "Maybe I screwed up acting like this is a compromise. Every once in a while I have to go work, which is what I did." They're in recess till 5:30.

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