Turns Out, Terrell Owens Owes His Former Team Close to $1 Million

Terrell Owens might be a Dallas Cowboy, but according to The Philadelphia Inquirer today, he owes the Philadelphia Eagles about $800,000. Turns out an arbitrator ruled Friday that the Eagles could indeed collect on some of that signing bonus Owens' former team claimed he forfeited in 2005, when he was benched by coach Andy Reid for bad behavior. The Eagles suspended Owens for four games without pay that season, then told him not to bother coming back for the rest of the season. Maybe Jerry'll write the check.

And in no way did I run this item about Owens just to link to these pictures and this video of an allegedly drunk Jessica Simpson and a possible beaten-down Tony Romo out and about in El Lay. No way. Because who'd wanna see these? Not you. You're better than that. In related news, why do celebrities actually go paparazzi-infested douchebagatoriums? Do they not have houses? --Robert Wilonsky

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