Two Years After Murder, Suspect Turns Himself in On DPD's Facebook Page

On April 2, 2010, as 36-year-old Pedro David Garcia sat in the back seat of a car at an apartment complex in Northwest Dallas, he was shot several times, dying at the scene. The shooter fled in a white Dodge pickup. Homicide detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Augustin Gonzalez, but he had fled to Mexico.

So things stood for more than two years when this past Friday, Gonzalez put a post on the DPD's Northeast Division Facebook page. He wanted to turn himself in, he explained, but couldn't yet because he was still in Mexico.

No problem, officers responded. All Gonzalez needed to do was walk to the nearest border check point and turn himself in to U.S. authorities, which is exactly what happened.

According to the DPD, Gonzalez walked to the border near El Paso and surrendered. He is being held, for whatever reason, in the San Diego, California County Jail pending extradition to Dallas County. A sheriff's department spokeswoman there said they don't release mug shots unless there is an immediate threat to public safety, so that's why there isn't one.

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Eric Nicholson
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