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U.K. Paper Pantses Dooney's Da Priest's Old, Now "New," Saggin' Anthem

Dooney Da Priest's anti-sagging-pants anthem -- which, turns out, is just a, erm, homage to this similarly monikered track that came out in 2006 -- gets special notice in the U.K. this morning, where the Guardian breaks down Dwaine Caraway's favorite song with several mentions of the deputy mayor pro tem. Seems Dooney's full-lengther has just arrived in stores; only, columnist Steven Wells doesn't appear to be a fan: "The media (dominated by middle-aged white men who for years have yearned to scream this song's intolerant message at youths sporting enormous lengths of designer shreddy above their clownishly baggy keks) are hyping Pull Your Pants Up! with a gusto that borders on the fascistic." Me, I hadn't thought about this song since last fall, till it was hyped in a British newspaper this morning. And now I can't get it out my head. Again. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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