The brute of Brock Lesnar is one reason to be attracted to UFC. I can think of others.

Ultimate Fighting: Fad or Rad?

It’s official: Ultimate Fighting has KO’d Boxing.


Quick, name the heavyweight champion of the world. If you’re like me, you knew Brock Lesnar before Wladimir Klitschko.

I went to Evander Holyfield’s fight at American Airlines Center a couple years back. I went to a buddy’s house to watch UFC 91: Coutoure vs. Lesnar last Saturday night.

Gotta admit: No contest.

As a kid I watched Cassius Clay vs. Joe Frazier on closed-circuit TV down at the convention center, but the glory days of boxing are long gone. MMA is where it’s at. I think.

At least at first blush, I’m intrigued by the short fights, abundance of violence, kicking, raw strength mixed with crafty tactics, and, of course, Lesnar.

Rope-a-dope? Gimme a nice arm bar any day. (Though I’m not so sure about kissing a guy after you’ve just kicked his ass. What’s up with that?)

Mavs’ owner Mark Cuban is on to something with his HDNet Fights. I’m not going to pretend to understand the convoluted relationships between UFC and the fights in Frisco on Nov. 28 put on by Plano-based Supreme Warrior Championship.

But next time my friends pony up the $50 to watch some UFC, I’ll bring the beer.

You guys: Boxing or UFC? – Richie Whitt

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