Undermain's Forever Young, As It Schleps Greendale Up to NYC

Brian Barnaud

Taking Greendale to New York, via Deep Ellum

On Saturday, Undermain Theatre publicist Lisa Taylor sent out the reminder that director Katherine Owens; bandmates Kenny Withrow, Paul Semrad and Alan Emert; and cast members Bruce DuBose, Newton Pittman, Shannon Kearns-Simmons and plenty others are heading to NYC this week with their stage adaptation of Neil Young's Greendale. They'll take the show to the annual Ice Factory Festival, presented by Soho Think Tank at the Ohio Theatre, this Wednesday through Saturday -- where, just maybe, Neil Young will finally see the adaptation after skipping it during its Dallas run (which was end of March through early May).

Yesterday, The New York Times ran its own reminder in the Arts & Leisure section: a generous piece about "Morphing Neil Young for the Stage and Page." Young didn't talk for the story, which also deals with DC Comics' forthcoming comic book adaptation (ugh), but all the main Undermain'ers did, among them DeBose, the company's exec producer who initally applied for the stage rights once he discovered no one else had them. “I gather that it interested [Young] that we are a fairly small, experimental theater,” DuBose says, “He has really been generous and pretty much hands off.” Betcha at least one of Withrow's bandmates catches the four-day run. --Robert Wilonsky

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