Upsides and Bottom Sides

In another life, DISD trustee Ron Price was probably a studio publicist in the 1930s with an extraordinary knack for garnering headlines for his Hollywood clients. Through luck or calculation, the school board member and possible city council candidate knows how to snag the spotlight. After Price spoke before the Dallas City Council last month proposing a law that would ban sagging--the male practice of wearing your jeans or cargo pants below your boxers, which would put a serious crimp on Jim Schutze's wardrobe--Price has gone nationwide. Scratch that--worldwide. Your proof is right here, while Price says that he's been a guest on talk shows in London and Holland. Closer to home, he's been featured on CNN and Fox News and is scheduled to be on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams on Thursday.

"I guess it's a national problem that nobody has spoken up about," Price says about how he managed to strike a chord on his indignation over exposed bottoms. When we last left Price, he was on the fence about whether he would run for the seat of outgoing Councilman Leo Chaney. I have trouble sometimes reading Price, who I genuinely like, but my guess is that he's leaning against a political run. "They're under investigation every other year," he says about the city's legislative branch. "What's the upside?" --Matt Pulle

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.