Uptown Man Reports Burglary, Shoots At Responding Police, Dies [Update]

Update at 12:45 p.m.Police have identified the gunman as Michael Edward Schmidt, whom The Dallas Morning News describes as a "prominent" lawyer.

Schmidt works for his dad, C.L. Schmidt, at The Schmidt Firm, a group of trial lawyers whose specialties range from car accidents to oil and gas litigation. The firm's eagerness to cash in on the West fertilizer plant explosion got Michael a mention in Time earlier this year.

Why he opened fire on police remains unclear.

Original postIn at least a couple of recent cases, Dallas cops appear to have been a bit too quick to pull the trigger. In one instance, an officer opened fire on a mentally ill man standing in a Rylie cul-de-sac. In another, an officer shot a carjacking suspect as he sat with his hands up in the passenger seat of a stolen car.


Sometimes, however, a suspect leaves the cops with no other choice.

That seems to be the case with a 47-year-old man police shot Thursday morning at an Uptown condominium complex. According to police, the man, a resident of the Glass House on McKinnon Street, approached a complex employee at 1:45 a.m. and said his home was being burglarized. The employee called 911.

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When officers arrived a few minutes later, they learned that the purported burglary victim had barricaded himself in a hallway adjacent to the building's lobby and was armed. When police tried to speak to the man, he opened fire.

Details about how many shots were fired and by whom haven't yet been released. A witness told NBC 5 he'd heard the suspect fire at least a half dozen shots and that officers fired more than a dozen. In any case, there were enough to shatter the windows of the Glass House lobby.

Eventually, after greeting the cops' attempts to negotiate with additional gunfire, the man left the barricaded area. He was shot as he approached officers. He was dead at the scene. He has not yet been identified.

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