Very Cool Move by Your Texas Rangers

No, they didn't sign Josh Hamilton long-term or acquire Cliff Lee in a trade from the Phillies.

But during last weekend's mid-winter banquet out at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine your Texas Rangers went out of their way to put a smile on the face of manager Ron Washington.

During Hurricane Katrina in 2005 Washington, the New Orleans native lost a house and, among other things, his pride and joy -- a 1985 black classic Cadillac.

It took a while, but, with the help of Moritz Cadillac, at last weekend's Fan Fest the Rangers presented Washington with a replica of the car. Black on the outside, red on the inside and sweet, clean all over.

Said a beaming Washington of the gesture, "I'm so thankful. This baby is the cleanest ride on the street."

Sometimes it warms the heart to tell a feel-good story. Weird.


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