Dallas Cowboys

Wade Phillips: Please Help Me Translate

So, Miles Austin has a great, record-setting perfrmance. Obviously, common sense says he's promoted and, in turn, Patrick Crayton gets demoted.

Fundamental leadership says you inform your employees of their roles and their positions. So, Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips, surely you told Crayton about his demotion.

Right? ...

"Well, I, uh, I duh ... ya know, I dunno that that didn't happen. So. Um, um, ya know, wu, we're a ... Haha ... I mean, you're, you're saying that and he just now said that. But I think we told him in the ... I'm sure we told him in the meetings. So ..."

Click on it. I did not make that up.

Me? I see that inspirational quote under a photo of Stumbledoofus in a new series entitled ...

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