Wait. The Texas Rangers Got Cliff Lee?

So tweets New York Post baseball columnist Joel Sherman. To which MSNBC adds this concerning the pick-up of the Seattle Mariners pitcher:

There is no report yet as to who those others may be. Given Texas' financial issues, it's possible that they could be veterans in salary offsets or it could be more prospects designed to sweeten the deal for Seattle and induce them to eat some of Lee's salary.

Take that, New York Yankees. Jamey Newberg just reported that "Lee, who was slated to start tonight for Seattle against New York, could start for Texas tomorrow."

And Sam, who's at Rangers Ballpark at this very moment, reports in: "I was just interviewing C.J. Wilson when [Rangers spokesman] John Blake announced that he was closing the clubhouse for a team meeting. C.J. said, 'It must be a pretty big deal.'" I'll say. Sam says there's a press conference scheduled for 5 p.m. at which point the team will make "a major announcement."

Update: As a Friend of Unfair Park notes in the comments, C.J. hisself breaks the news as only he can: "Merry christmas rangers fans! we won the Cliff Lee sweepstakes narrowly beating the Miami Heat."

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