Wanna Be Friends With Tony Romo?

Not the going-to-Six-Flags kind of friend, mind you -- the Dallas Cowboys QB doesn't want to, like, hang out with you or anything. But for a few bucks he'll, oh, I dunno, bake a virtual birthday cake and send your pal a happy-happy video via the Facebook. So note this morning's New York Times and the press release we just received from something called Cameo Stars, which bills itself as "the first-ever application that enables celebrities to make virtual cameo appearances in fans' social network pages and mobile devices."

Romo's among the small handful of early adopters getting their slice of the virtual pie -- the endeavor also includes the likes of Carmen Electra, Drew Brees and Reggie Bush. As The Times notes, "Stars get a royalty, and record videos for various occasions. (Certain videos will be free or priced at $1.)" To which Romo adds in the release, "It's a cool idea that gives fans something they've never gotten before from attending games, watching interviews or even buying memorabilia. Plus, it's a really great way for me to connect with fans during both the season and the off season." As opposed to this.

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Robert Wilonsky
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