Wanna Be The Voice of the AirHogs?

Wanna job? Okay, then how 'bout a casket?

The new Minor League Baseball team that has hired Pete Incaviglia as manager, will next month give away a free funeral, and is probably considering Star Jones vs. Barbara Wah-Wah in a 7th-inning stretch Octagon wants you to be part of the zaniness.

The Grand Prairie AirHogs, an expansion team in the American Association, are holding tryouts Saturday afternoon for its PA announcer, mascot and National Anthem singer.

“We are looking forward to getting all sorts of talented individuals coming out,” says general manager Dave Burke. “It will be fun if this turns into a make-shift American Idol.”

The auditions – all at the team’s new QuikTrip Park -- will be at 2 (mascots), 4 (PA) and 6 (anthem). The AirHogs actually started their inaugural season last night with a loss in St. Paul, Minnesota. The home is opener is May 16th against the Wichita – I kid you not – Wingnuts.

And on June 3rd, the team will give away the prize no one wants to use – a funeral.

Remember when you thought the Rangers’ old “Farm and Ranch Night” was wacky? -- Richie Whitt

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