Want a Bullet from the Gun that Killed Oswald? This Auction's for You.

Goldin Auctions is very happy to fill the needs of even the most demanding JFK assassination aficionado. You know, the guy or gal who sits around thinking, 'You know what would really make my fireplace mantle shrine to the assassination of the 35th president? A bullet fired from the gun that probably killed the guy who probably killed him.'" 

This is that guy's and/or ghoul's lucky day. Goldin has a whole pile of stuff commemorating the most infamous crime in Dallas history, all of which can be had, should you be willing to shell out enough cash, in an auction that ends January 30.

There's that bullet fired from Jack Ruby's gun, though not pried from Lee Harvey Oswald's guts. Goldin Auctions founder Ken Goldin says it was fired from the gun by the National Historical Mint, one of those companies that used to hawk reproduction and commemorative coins on late night TV (current price: $1,400): 

There are also some more tasteful, but no less odd, items for sale. Like an envelope sent by Oswald to his mother from Russia (current price: $2,100):  Or a key from the cell block in which Oswald, and his shooter Jack Ruby, were held (current price: $2,500):  Goldin is also selling the keys to the limo from the ill-fated Kennedy motorcade (current price: $5,500):  And a signed police statement from four of the Dallas cops who captured Oswald (current price: $200):  "People ask, 'Well, why would somebody want this?' Well, it's part of American history and it's very significant. It's also important to remember that, only 50 years ago, the president rode through an American city in an open limousine. The government allowed this to happen and these are reminders of what happened," Goldin says. 

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.