Want the Greenville Ave. Whole Foods? Here's Your Head Start.

Falcon Compnaies

The Greenville Avenue Whole Foods, soon to be something else. Unless it's like the Preston Forest Whole Foods. In which case, nada.

Real-estater Randall Turner brings word this a.m. of 37 acres for sale in the heart of the city -- though from the description of "one of the largest contiguous assemblages of fully entitled land in decades within the loop," as Turner calls it, I am having a hard time getting a handle on the precise location. As in, "The assemblage is located near Love Field, Southwestern Medical District and the affluent Park Cities neighborhoods, as well as Oaklawn/Uptown and downtown Dallas."

Regardless, the sale's being handled by Falcon Companies, and when I went to their site this morning I did discover some properties that can be yours for the having -- including, of course, the Greenville Ave. Whole Foods, which will become available in the spring of '09. Among the selling points for potential renters: "Many parts of these neighborhoods are in a redevelopment stage where many of the older homes are being torn down and newer, larger homes are being built." Meanwhile, the old Preston Forest Whole Foods is still vacant. What gives? --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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