Warning: This Weather Blows

In case you didn't know, it's dangerously windy outside -- either that, or my trees are just randomly shedding giant limbs and the stop lights in Deep Ellum just decided to take the afternoon off and grass is spontaneously combusting all over the DFW. To that end, the City of Dallas Office of Emergency Operations has asked local media -- and I assume that includes us, though I'm never quite sure anymore -- to post the following missive, concerning traffic-light outages and other high-wind risks, for folks soon heading home. Deed, consider yourself done. --Robert Wilonsky


Commuters warned to be cautious on roadways

High winds, upwards of 50 mph, are causing numerous power outages due to power line damage and complications. Traffic lights at various intersections are affected. Outages have been widespread throughout the city.

As rush hour approaches, the City of Dallas Office of Emergency Operations is asking the local media to warn drivers of these complications and encourage caution at intersections.

Oncor Electric Delivery continues to work to repair the outages. Oncor is also taking extra precautions due to the high fire danger conditions today.

As Oncor restores power, traffic signals will come back on in flash-mode. City of Dallas engineers are resetting traffic signals to normal circulation as the power is restored at the intersections. In the meantime, City crews have been placing mobile stop signs at affected intersections. While the number of intersections affected by power outages continues to change, as many as 40-50 intersections have been affected. The City of Dallas continues to monitor the situation.

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