Watch a Dallas County Jailer Slam a DUI Suspect's Face into a Tile Floor

For the record, the jailer in the above photo no longer works for Dallas County. Rachel Leigh Graham lost her job and pleaded guilty to official oppression for slamming her handcuffed charge into the tile floor of the Lew Sterrett jail. But that doesn't make the video, seen below in a clip from NBC 5, any less brutal.

In it, you'll see Rhonda Wells, the 47-year-old being booked in on a DUI charge, saunter up to the counter while Graham is looking through her purse. This angers Graham, who has twice instructed her charge to stay on the red line, and she slams Wells into the ground face-first. Graham's fellow jailers can be seen cringing while Graham casually resumes her search of the purse.

The impact knocked Wells unconscious, broke multiple teeth, and caused serious head and facial trauma, according to the lawsuit she filed against Graham.

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Eric Nicholson
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