Watch As Dallas Animal Services and Sanitation Crews Free Deer From a Fence Near White Rock

As you'll see in this video just posted by Dallas City Hall, a six-point buck got stuck, then put in a truck. At the end, a Texas Parks and Wildlife game warden explains what happened, but long story short: The city was called out after TPWD received reports of two deer seen fighting in a street within the Enclave at White Rock subdivision. One got through the fence; the other was trapped in the fence and wound up breaking its tine. It's heading for rehab in Kaufman County.

Danielle McClelland, spokesperson for the city Sanitation Department, took the video. Thing is, McClelland says she just happened by the scene, near Garland Road and San Rafael Drive, on her way into Dallas City Hall this morning.

"And when I first got there, everybody's first thing was: 'We can't believe a deer this size in the city limits,'" she tells Unfair Park. "When the warden called us, they were planning on euthanizing the animal, but our Animal Services guys said, 'He's not that badly damaged. Let's get the vet out here.' It took a while to get the vet out there with the tranquilizer -- it needed a strong mix, and she had to fight through downtown traffic. But you do stuff every day hoping to help, but when you actually see it ..." She pauses. "It's neat."

Update at 1:11 p.m.: A very bummed-out McClelland just called to say the deer didn't survive. The game warden just phoned with the bad news: "The game warden says the stress was too much, and he was actually surprised he lived as long as he did."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.