Watch Cowboys Fan's Epic, Profanity-Filled Tirade Over Loss to Seahawks

Yesterday, still irrationally giddy from the

beatdown their Seahawks delivered on Sunday

( I for one blame the replacement refs for Felix Jones' fumble on the opening kickoff. And the subsequent blocked punt. And the Romo interception right after. And -- oh screw it, the Cowboys blew.) , our colleagues at the

Seattle Weekly
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trolling on YouTube for funny reactions from Cowboys fans

. They found one, and it's epic.

"They beat the living crap out of us," the guy, whose YouTube handle is thedallascowboysshow, screams at the camera.

"You see that?" he yells, pointing to the Cowboys star mirror above his sofa. "The Dallas Cowboys took a big shit on that today!"

At one point, he singles out Dez Bryant ("If you don't get your shit straight, you're gonna find yourself in Cleveland. At best.") but otherwise his profanity-laden tirade is an unfocused expression of rage at the Cowboys' execrable performance. He only says what we all feel.

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