Watch Dallas Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson Tell a Fox News Anchor to Shut Up

U.S. Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson, who coasted unopposed to a 10th term last month, was on Fox News today to discuss the fiscal cliff. Johnson, for those of you who haven't been paying attention, is a Democrat. Fox News host Neil Cavuto is -- well he's a Fox News host.

The two of them hit it off right away. Politico has the play-by-play:

The Texas Democrat and Cavuto on Thursday argued over the fiscal cliff battle for several minutes before the interview came to an abrupt end. Cavuto repeatedly asked Johnson what things she would cut and the congresswoman countered that what should be discussed is "revenue generation."

"No, you told me things you'd do to raise taxes. That's what you told me. Credits, allowances, that sort of stuff. That's what you told me," Cavuto said.

"You've got to talk about revenue generation," the congresswoman replied.

"I know that, but it's 100 percent of what you're talking about, Congresswoman," Cavuto said.

"It is not 100 percent of what I'm talking about. If you'd shut up for just a second, I would try," Johnson said.

Cavuto then jumped in, saying, "You gotta tell me one thing you'd cut. I beg you Congresswoman, one thing you would say, I would cut this. What would it be?"

When Johnson did not reply with anything more than "you" and a pause, Cavuto asked, "You don't know, do you?"

"Well, yes I do know, but I have to have time to explain it. I can't tell you I'm going to walk in and cut this and cut that. First of all, it has to have some type of dialogue. We have not had that," she said.

The two continued to go back and forth until Johnson said that Democrats have already said what cuts their party is willing to consider, and with that, Cavuto was done with the interview.

"Well, you haven't done that," he replied. "You haven't done that. You haven't done that. But hope springs eternal ma'am, and Congresswoman I want to get you back, but this was a total waste of time."

Johnson tried to speak over Cavuto saying, "You might be consulting with the Republicans." Fox News then cut to commercial as the congresswoman said, "I am not, because we have not had the opportunity."

A somewhat sheepish Cavuto returned after the break to apologize. Sort of.

"Alright, first off folks I want to apologize to the Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson and to you who might have been offended by my interrupting the congresswoman, not allowing, uh, a simple answer," he said. "But that's all I wanted. A simple answer. What would you cut?"

And what did people make of the exchange? Let's ask Twitter.

Well, that's one way of looking at it. Here's another:

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