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Watch Rangers Fan (and Attorney) Darrell Cook Read His Emergency Motion for Continuance

Attorney Darrell Cook,

to whom we introduced you yesterday

, is on a plane at this very moment -- San Francisco-bound. We exchanged e-mails moments ago, just as the flight attendant was asking him to turn off all electronic devices, and the judge in Irving has not yet ruled on his emergency motion for continuance; Cook will find out the verdict upon landing, but fret not -- another lawyer's been brought up to speed, just in case the judge isn't in the mood to play ball. But by now, Cook's tale has become the stuff of legal legend, so much so KXAS-Channel 5 asked Cook to read the entirety of his motion for its website. Cook, incidentally, will be Our Man in San Fran.

Update at 10 a.m.: This just in from Cook:

"In a display of judicial temperament befitting the celebratory atmosphere that has gripped the metroplex, the judge has granted our emergency motion to continue the pre-trial hearing. Sometimes, that's how lawyering go. It go well."

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