Watch Yesterday's City Council Debate on Municipal Judges Get Ugly

Yesterday, the Dallas City Council approved a new slate of municipal judges after months of contentious debate. The city's court system was seen by some as too lenient and not generating as much revenue as it should. In shot, they were

too damned fair


What had been a mostly arcane debate boiled over yesterday when the four black council members walked out in protest over the number of black judges on the new roster and what they said was a lack of inclusion in the selection process.

The council made a last-minute concession by adding head judge Victor Lander to the slate, but that wasn't enough for the four members, who wanted judge Cheryl Williams on the ticket as well.

Councilwoman Voincel Jones Hill made reference to a "lynch mob," and Councilwoman Carolyn Davis lobbed angry remarks at Angela Hunt. who headed the selection committee.

"This is wrong. This is not right, and Angela, You could have done something about it. You sit here like you're all..." Davis said before being interrupted by Mayor Mike Rawlings.

The leader of the walkout was Dwaine Caraway, who promised a continued fight over municipal judges.

"I want to let the council know that, if we're gonna play games around here, the games have just begun."


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