This time Witten kept his helmet on. And gave the Cowboys a late lead.

We Have Ourselves an Instant Classic

Still 2:57 remaining, but the biggest play of the game just may be Donovan McNabb’s second-thought fumble.

The Cowboys really haven’t had a clue of how to stop McNabb all night. But with his team leading by three and driving inside Dallas’ 35, McNabb called a play which gave him the option to hand off to Brian Westbrook or fake to Westbrook and give the ball to the receiver on a reverse.

The result: McNabb first put the ball in Westbrook’s stomach, took it out to execute the reverse and then – doh! – tried to again give it to Westbrook. Instead the ball bounced off Westbrook’s hip for a costly fumble, recovered by Jay Ratliff.

The Cowboys promptly drove 67 yards, highlighted by another perfect Tony Romo throw to Jason Witten on the same play as the previous series. This time, however, Witten stretched out a little farther and cradled it a little softer for a 32-yard gain to the 5.

Marion Barber punched it in from the 1.

Cowboys 41, Eagles 37. -- Richie Whitt

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