"We Must Correct This Nightmare": Betty Culbreath to Take on Her Former Boss, JWP

One month ago, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport board member, former Dallas Housing Authority chair, '07 Dallas City Council candidate, one-time chair of the City Plan Commission and longtime Friend of Unfair Park Betty Culbreath wrote on her blog that it's time for Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price to go. Culbreath, as you surely know by now, is a former JWP protege who long ago fell out with the commissioner. Funny thing -- we actually called her "Dallas County's most explosive bureaucrat" in this '97 story.

Anyway. That was a long time ago.

Last month, though, she called Price "the most feared County Bully of all times," and said the "Black Community created this Monster" and that "now we must correct this nightmare." She wrote:

We are doing a disservice to John Price if we don't remove him from that seat.The position has done something real bad to John, what I saw last week is not the man I love and supported and worked for side by side for years, ran his campaign for office worked as his Assistant 6 years and County 20 years. I say that so there is no question about my motive. I want to stop John Price from harming any more people.
At the time she asked for someone, anyone, to step in and run against him for the District 3 seat. One month later, Culbreath has decided: Fine, she'll do it.

"I was not looking for another job, but everybody is so afraid, and I can understand why -- some of them have felt the wrath of John," she tells Unfair Park. "But I could not continue to stand by and see the things that have gone on. The African-American community has to hold its elected officials just as responsible as we hold everybody else. It needs to be done. ... The people in the district are completely forgotten, and it doesn't sit well with me. So if it wasn't going to be anybody else," it might as well be her. "I prayed on it. And I know they'll use scare tactics and intimidation, and if they do, there's nothing I can do about it. I just wanted to give people the chance to take their district back."

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