We Now Know Jason Garrett is Not on Facebook. When Does the Season Start Again?

At some point last week, the Dallas Cowboys surpassed five million "likes" on Facebook. They're the first NFL franchise to hit the mark, which I suppose is worthy of a Tweet, or maybe a Facebook post.

But during Garrett's daily press conference on Friday, Cowboys beat writers, apparently out of vapid football-related questions, asked head coach Jason Garrett how he felt about the team's momentous achievement.

"I have no idea what you just said,'' Garrett responded, according to the Morning News. "I don't know what lights on a Facebook page means."

The entire press conference actually contained some interesting stretches, specifically when Garrett spoke candidly about Dez Bryant's conditioning. The troubled young receiver has thought in years past that his chiseled physique and near-complete lack of body fat meant he was "in shape." But in shape for a wide receiver, Garrett stressed, means one thing only: You can run all day. Bryant, the coach seemed to indicate, is starting to get that.

Interesting stuff, followed by a whole lot of awkwardness when the questions turned to Facebook. Garrett, we learned, thought The Social Network was outstanding. And no, his avoidance of Facebook is not because he went to Princeton and Mark Zuckerburg went to Harvard. But yes, someone actually asked him about that.

All of which leads us to wonder: When, for the love of God, does these guys start playing games? Oh yeah. One week.

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Eric Nicholson
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