"We Shot JR" Shot Down

We thought the cool kids were looking a little confused this weekend, but we just attributed it to their lingering guilt over going to see (and liking) Interpol at the Palladium last Thursday. After all, as WeShotJR's StonedRanger wrote before the show on what is possibly the most dependable and terrifying music blog in town, "This band has been mostly ghettoized due to having their name in white-out scrawl on a middle school attendee's tattered binder."

Turns out, the trouble wasn't Interpol guilt -- it was the fact that the most dependable music blog in town suddenly stopped being dependable. Some robot over at Google/Blogger responsible for identifying "spam blogs" (Faux navelgazing? How meta!) actually identified WeShotJR as a spam blog. That means posting gets disabled and the blog-keepers are locked out of their own account. StonedRanger, WeShotJR's anonymous founding music afficionado, is predictably pissed the eff off.

"Blogger makes themselves completely impossible to get ahold of," StonedRanger wrote to Unfair Park in a MySpace message, and he says he's called and e-mailed for days with no response from a real human. So everything music fans love WeShotJR for -- the daily It List show recs, the rampant anonymous douchebaggery that is their trainwreck of a comments section -- is unavailable until the site goes back up.

StonedRanger continued his lament: "It could take me weeks to recover from this." No kidding -- us too! How are we supposed to know what to do every night? Who will we depend on to tell us which bands suck? What if we all turn into hardcore Strident Zend fans?

In the meantime, add WeShotJR as a friend on the MySpace if you want to continue to receive their would-be posts as bulletins. --Andrea Grimes

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.