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Well, East Dallas Certainly Makes For a Good TV-Show Setting, At the Very Least

Last Friday, it was Jerry Bruckheimer's The Chase shooting in and around Woodrow Wilson High School. This Friday, it's Marc Webb's Midland -- the FOX pilot starring Adrianne Palicki (as the wife of a double-life-leading husband) and Jon Voight (as her everything's-bigger-in-Texas paw) -- taking over the neighborhood till at least 10:30 p.m. tonight. Matter of fact, producers sent word to Junius Heights Historic District residents just this morning that they're still looking for driveways in which to park their trucks and trailers -- and, yes, you'll be compensated, though the notice we received doesn't say how much. No doubt those affected and/or interested have already received the producers' offer and responded accordingly.

And, sure 'nuff, on his way into the office this morning Patrick noticed cast and crew had taken over this house near ... oh ... let's just say Gaston Avenue and Munger Boulevard. And if you're planning a look-see drive-through, keep in mind: Off-duty DPD officers are both out and about.

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Robert Wilonsky
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