Well, New York Daily News, The Ticket's a Station, Not a "Show." But Other Than That ...

Yesterday our new New York Times contributor offered eight ways the Dallas Cowboys can win the NFC East tomorrow night, each one a thoughtful, stat-driven how-to. The New York Daily News counters this morning with one of those (yawn) things-we-hate-about lists, which, as you can see, even graces the the back-page cover in this morning's edition. It's all quite slight and very silly and occasionally even complimentary ("Cowboys Stadium is much cooler than MetLife Stadium, and it cost less") and contains at least one point we can all agree on:

4. Jerry Jones is out of control, even for Jerry Jones.

He just won't stop. The megalomaniac owner/GM showed up on the sideline of the Cowboys' game against the Eagles last week, updating the coach on Romo's bruised hand and on out-of-town scores. Jones recently went on a local radio show, "The Ticket," to assure everyone that he has no intention of reducing his role.

For those who missed it earlier in the week, here's Bob and Dan listening to and talking about Norm's interview with Jerry about that "eye-to-eye" sideline visit. Said Jerry: "I did want nothing to drop between the lines communications-wise." Prediction: 38-10 Giants. At half.

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