Wendy Davis Is Hot, So the Right Thinks She's a "Surgically Constructued Human Barbie Doll"

It's a science, folks: State Senator Wendy Davis is way more attractive than the rest of her colleagues in the Legislature, with the possible exception of Wayne Smith. Capitol watchers have known this for years, but it wasn't until the rest of America set its eyes upon Davis' filibuster that it reached the same conclusion.

There remain, however, a few holdouts who stubbornly refuse to believe that a 50-year-old could possibly remain attractive. Those doubts now are given fullest voice by The Real Wendy Davis, a new and anonymous website promising "a closer look at the Left's new feminist superhero."

That "closer look" involves an exhaustive study of two of Davis' old college yearbook photos, which are compared with pics from the present day.

Now, juxtapose Davis' aging process with that Barack Obama

The conclusion, at least to the editors of the website, is inescapable: Davis is a human Barbie doll.

[C]onsider Texas state Senator Wendy R. Davis, who has recently been in the news being touted (however dubiously) as the Left's technologically enhanced "feminist superhero." She is 50 years old. Yet, unlike Reynolds and Obama, but like Mac Davis, it appears she gets better looking each day. If she has not found the Fountain of Youth, at minimum she has found very talented plastic surgeons and image consultants who have readied her for her closeup.

Somehow, during the past two decades she has been transformed from a frumpy, pleasant looking but plain-faced, flat-chested brunette with thick, messy hair, into a buxom blonde with excellent facial features and sleek, long, perfectly coiffed hair, like she stepped straight out of Vogue.

For someone who in the early 1990s was a feminist activist in law school, and who is currently posing as a champion of women's rights, standing up to men who seek to dictate the way women should live, she seems to have devoted an unusual amount of attention to her physical appearance.

There are two takeaways from all this. First, Wendy Davis is not a natural blonde. Second, the anonymous folks behind The Real Wendy Davis are super classy.

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