West Village, Meet ... East Village?

So, now we know a little more about what’s planned for what will be the former AMC Loews Cityplace 14 come Sunday: a mixed-use development. Indeed, from all accounts, Georgia-based buyer Inland American Communities plans for the Cityplace side of North Central Expressway a development very much like the one across the highway -- you know, the West Village. Says Jackson Walker’s Myron Dornic, who put together the deal between Rosewood Properties and Inland American, “There will be grand-floor retail and upper-level residential,” couldn’t be more simple.

The City Plan Commission actually approved the conceptual plans for the site at its final meeting of 2007; it’s item No. D067-016 on the agena, if you squint real hard. (It's for “a development/landscape plan for Planned Development District No. 305 on the north corner of N. Haskell Avenue and Lemmon Avenue.”) But Dornic says the plans are being retooled, and “final site plans have to go back to the City Plan Commission at a later date.” Inland American, incidentally, is responsible for the Cityville apartments in and around Uptown. --Robert Wilonsky


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