Westboro Baptist Church Is Coming to Picket Dealey Plaza

It's been more than a year since Westboro Baptist Church last came to town. Then, they were calling God's wrath down upon Glenn Beck and his "Restoring Love" shindig at Cowboys Stadium.

Beck probably deserves to be protested. Most of Westboro's targets -- the families of fallen soldiers, the victims of fertilizer explosions, the LGBT community -- do not. Neither does John F. Kennedy, any serious beef with whom should have faded in the five decades since he was assassinated.

But Westboro Baptist's grudges don't fade, which is what will bring them to Dealey Plaza this Saturday, several days before the city of Dallas' official commemoration. They explain why, and declare that "JFK is in hell," on their website:


This nation loves to worship John F. Kennedy and his "Camelot" administration. It's another one of your lies, finely honed and oft repeated, to justify and enable your pervasive policies of proud sin. The fact is JFK was an adulterous pervert, who treated the White House like his personal whore house...You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, than the JFK Whitehouse. His behavior makes Bill Clinton (another one of your base vulgar foul-mouthed self-serving "leaders") look like a choir boy. JFK dragged interns and other women into his sex and drug orgies, at such a pace he couldn't keep track of who all he was messing with. Jackie gave birth to a son on August 7, 1963, and God killed that child within two days.

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When they're done there, they'll head over to Arlington to picket the Baylor-Texas Tech game, because God also hates football.

(h/t DMN)

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