What Do The Dallas Morning News and the Weekly Reader Have in Common?

This propaganda is on the Council on American-Islamic Relations' watch list. Because, that's why.

Less than two weeks after kicking off its "nationwide discussion of 'Islamophobia'" in Dallas, the Washington-based nonprofit Council on American-Islamic Relations held a similar event yesterday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. But a reporter from The Washington Times was asked to leave the shindig, because CAIR has identified the paper as being "anti-Muslim," according to David Keene. He's the chairman of the American Conservative Union, which blames CAIR itself for anti-Muslim sentiment around the country. Also on CAIR's shitlist, according to The Times' story:

The Dallas Morning News, the Tampa Tribune, the New Republic magazine, U.S. News & World Report, and the Weekly Reader, a popular newspaper for schoolchildren.
We know why CAIR has it in for The News. Two words: "Rod" and "Dreher." But the Weekly Reader? C'mon, Highlights we could understand -- Goofus and Gallant are a couple of fear-mongering xenophobes. --Robert Wilonsky
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Robert Wilonsky
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