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What We Missed While Our Servers Crashed (Again): Hunt on Tax Hike, Lone Star in Trouble

Hal Samples
On the set of Lone Star. Sure hope we get to see this episode.
Well I'll be damned. We're up and running again. For now. How ... surprising. Again, data was corrupted, but at least everyone got a scholarship (thanks, Congressional Black Caucus!). My apologies, of course -- you couldn't comment (how difficult that must have been for you), while we couldn't post (you have no idea). Items are stacked up like cordwood 'round this joint. So, then. Where were we?

Ah. Right.

Angela Hunt, of the Tax-Hike Hunts, posted to her blog earlier this afternoon a lengthy defense of a tax-rate increase in response to Mayor Tom's heated protestations. The council approves the budget tomorrow -- could be quite the showdown, which is why Andrea's packing a lunch and extra battery. Nevertheless, at great length Hunt writes thusly:

We're at the point where further service cuts will damage our city. Our streets are in terrible condition, our parks are overgrown and unclean, and our rec centers, pools, and libraries have been cut to the bone. And that's before the proposed cuts for next year. Continuing on this path will do long-term harm to our city.
Speaking of things needing a bump desperately: Deadline takes a long, hard look at the crap ratings for last night's Lone Star debut on FOX (4.1 million viewers) and wonders: Where did it all go so terribly wrong for what's actually a very good show? Long story short: Dunno. Lots? But there is this bit of bad news for the locally shot program:
While Fox brass are doing a lot of soul-searching today and not rushing with a cancelation decision, writing appears to be on the wall for a serialized show like Lone Star. Rumors are already circulating that the drama may stop production, at least temporarily, and a move to pull it from the schedule can't be that far away.
For those who missed last night's premiere, it follows. If nothing else it'll give you something to do when our servers decide to stray again.

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