What's in a Deadline? City's Still Looking For Someone to Take Over Dallas Farmers Market.

Does no one want to take over operations at the downtown farmers market? Sure seems like it: On a whim this afternoon I went over to the city's official bid site to see how plans for privatizing the market were going, only to find that the request for proposals was being updated at that very moment -- which is why I couldn't download an attachment dated, why, today.

I called Michelle Charnoski, the buyer for the city handling that particular RFP, and asked her: What gives? To which she replied: Yet again, the city has extended the bid deadline, this time till 2 p.m. on December 1. As you may recall, the original deadline was September 22. Then, October 22. But as City Manager Mary Suhm told us on October 1, she fully expected that deadline to get drawn out to a later date. And it was: November 17. And now, December 1.

"As of right now, we didn't feel there was enough participation to close," Charnoski says. "So we were going to go ahead and extend it to the first and make further outreach efforts. It's the city's policy to reach out to as many people as we can."

Fine. I'll do it. Me and Tom Spicer.

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