What's in a Naming Right? More Money Than Big Business Is Willing to Spend.

Jerry Jones has yet to sell the naming rights for the Arlington EnormoDome -- and, given the state of the economy, good luck with all that. Because the Dallas Cowboys' owner is seeking a long-term, big-money commitment: $10 million a year, for at least a decade. But, notes The Wall Street Journal this morning, teams seeking long-term commitments may be screwed for the foreseeable future. Right, like that'll stop Mr. Jones:

Brett Daniels, a spokesman for the Cowboys, called finding a deal to put a sponsor's name on the team's $1.1 billion stadium a "monumental undertaking." He said team owner Jerry Jones remains committed to finalizing an agreement before opening day next year.

For cheaps, though, maybe you get snap off a piece of the Cotton Bowl's moniker. Halvsies? --Robert Wilonsky


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