When The Dallas Morning News Introduces Its iPad App, You Can Thank The NY Times

Forthcoming at the beginning of 2011: The Dallas Morning News's iPad app. Only, per the press release this morning, it'll be a New York Times-made product via its new Press Engine offshoot, which is spitting out iPad and iPhone products for smaller publications without the resources to do it themselves. And first in line: A.H. Belo!

News publisher Jim Moroney tells AdAge today, look, it's just a good fit -- The Times has a decent track record, no matter what Steve Jobs says, so there. But before the launch, some big questions -- well, one, really.

First it has to decide how to reconcile charging for the iPad app, as it plans to do, with posting all its content free on the web, as it currently does. Consumers aren't likely to pay for an iPad app to access the same content they can get free on the iPad's web browser.

"We are looking at how and what we might do about taking some of our content and making it available only to people who have either paid for a print subscription or who are paying for some kind of digital access," Mr. Moroney said.

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