While We're Cleaning House: Greg Ellis, Pack Your Bags

Among the Dallas Cowboys' many problems, let's address this one this afternoon:

Terrell Owens and Greg Ellis are captains. Let that sink in a second while I remind you that any team that annoints me-first guys as locker-room leaders is fatally flawed.

We all know T.O.'s agenda. Now, Ellis is at it again.

The other day on 105.3 The Fan he was commencing his annual off-season bitch-fest. In recent years he's complained about his contract, the team's commitment, his position, his role and his everything other than the fact that he's been around forever and never won diddly-poo.

Now? Back to the part about his role.

Seems poor-poor-pitiful Greg doesn't like that Anthony Spencer gets more snaps. Thinks he's mis-used, under-utilized and general prevented from being an All-Pro by the Cowboys' meanie coaching staff.

"Do I think that creates a distraction for guys when they feel like certain players aren't used correctly?" Ellis told Ben 'n Skin. "Yes, I think it does. I think it affects our team. I don't have to throw T.O.'s name into it, because he's a man who can speak for himself. But just my own personal experiences from last year, I'd say 'yes'."

Boo and hoo. Here's a tip: 1. Shut up. 2. Play better. If you need counseling, call the Rangers' Michael Young.

I know Spencer's been shaky on the field and off, but would you guys be sad to see Ellis go?

Betcha a nickel by the time training camp rolls around Ellis somehow finds enough peace and contentment to miraculously drag his 34-year-old body out there to back up Specner with another mediocre 6-sack season.

I'm tired of the Cowboys. I'm tired of Ellis. And don't even get me started on Michael Irvin's fish tale or Martellus Bennett's worst apology ever.
Too late. Already started.

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