Who Are You? Roger Daltrey, Just Hanging Out at Sound Town in 1975.

In case you missed it, Art Hoffman posted to Wednesday's record-store flashback item an absolutely amazing, how'd-we-forget-that photo of Roger Daltrey causing a ruckus at Valley View Mall back in 1975. So happens that Hoffman was the manager at Sound Town at Valley View when Daltrey stopped by before a Who concert in Fort Worth to promote the movie Tommy. As Hoffman wrote a few years back, "I remember we took all of the LP's (yes, records) out of the racks and arranged racks so the crowd could only get into the store about 30-40 feet. Boy! Were we surprised when over 5000 fans (mostly young girls) showed up and pushed the retractable glass doors off the tracks!" Almost like the Old 97's at Good Records, but not quite. --Robert Wilonsky

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