This dude was only 14,745 votes shy of making the runoff.

Who Else Dallas Wanted As Its Mayor

So, a mere 71,421 turned out to vote -- or about 12 percent of the registered voters in the city, which isn't shameful at all. And out of those votes cast, 103 went to a write-in candidate, and there was but one official entry: Richie Sheridan.

Well, we don't know precisely how many votes Sheridan wound up with, but we do know he didn't get all 103 votes. That's because Unfair Park this morning asked Dallas County Elections Commissioner Bruce Sherbet to give us some of the names people wrote in on their ballots. Turns out, 103 people actually took the time to vote, and what follows are the best they could come up with when opting not to cast their lot with one of the 11 official candidates:


"Anyone But Ones Running."

"Anyone For Code Enforcement."


"Ernie Brown." (Says Sherbet: "I don't know who that is. Maybe a radio guy, I think?" Yes, Bruce, you would be correct.)

"Mickey Mouse."

"Fred Flintstone."

This is a small sampling, as Sheridan hasn't seen all the ballots cast on Saturday, and there's no word yet whether Sheridan actually got a vote -- or, for that matter, Laura Miller, which Sherbet figures is a likelihood. And Sheridan clearly didn't see my ballot, on which I wrote in "Doody J. McSquatenstein Esq." What can I say? I panicked. --Robert Wilonsky

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