Who Would You Trade Dirk For?

A year ago tomorrow the Mavs pulled the trigger on their controversial blockbuster, sending Devin Harris and two first-round draft picks to the New Jersey Nets for Jason Kidd.

Lookie who's in town tonight? It's those same Nets and a very different Harris, fresh off his All-Star appearance and a 41-point torching of the Mavs earlier this season. For once, I'm not here to rehash the deal.

I am here to say it looks more and more like the Mavs won't make a similar splash by tomorrow's 2 p.m. trading deadline.

"I think our roster will look a lot like it does now," head coach Rick Carlisle told us media dorks after Tuesday's afternoon practice at AAC. "I'm not anticipating any blockbuster deals."

I'd like to see the Mavs acquire Shaquille O'Neal, maybe even Brad Miller or Golden State's Stephen Jackson. But then I started thinking about some of you guys yelping to trade Dirk Nowitzki and blow it all up.

Obviously, y'all weren't around - I was the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's beat writer, for crying out loud - for the 10 consecutive seasons missing the playoffs. For the 71 losses in '93. The 13 wins in '94.

I recently annointed Dirk as the most underrated, underappreciated star in the history of Dallas sports. Seriously, give me your list of NBA players you'd trade him for right now today.

My list:

LeBron James.

Kobe Bryant.

Tim Duncan.

Dwight Howard.

Chris Paul.

Dwyane Wade.

Kevin Durant.

If you have more names on your list, you're probably one of the people that takes Dirk for granted.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.