Whom Do You Blame for the Cowboys' Catastrophe?

We now return to your regularly scheduled football season where ... Oh, dear.

If you saw this coming - the Dallas Cowboys at 1-6 - raise your hand. I'm impressed. I'll also, of course, need proof.

Some of us thought the Cowboys would play in Super Bowl XLV. Most of us thought they'd win the NFC East. All of us figured they'd make the playoffs, have a winning record or - at the very least - be competitive.

This is bad, and it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Now Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback David Garrard is saying the Cowboys "weren't into it" during last Sunday's 18-point loss while Cowboys' cornerback Terence Newman is saying it's somehow not head coach Wade Phillips' fault.

I still think the Cowboys are talented. Can't explain, however, how 20 of 22 starters (only Doug Free and Alan Ball are new) from last year's 11-5 team that won a division and a playoff game returned to perform like this.

Phillips is at a loss. Owner Jerry Jones is shocked and apologetic.

Where do we point the fattest finger?

A) Wade Phillips.

B) Jerry Jones.

C) Jason Garrett.

D) The Texas Rangers.

E) Tony Romo.

F) Bobby Carpenter.

G) Richie Whitt.

H) Rowdy.

I) Felix Jones.

J) Leonard Davis.

K) Roy Williams.

L) Anthony Spencer.

M) John Phillips.

N) Jesse Holley.

O) Mike Jenkins.

P) Money.

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