Whom to Blame for Oh and Two?

Call me crazier than bat guano, but I actually think the Dallas Cowboys will be fine ... fine ... fine ... fine ... fine ... fine.

Damn, all the sudden it's lonely in here.

At 0-2 and an underdog on the road this week in Houston against the undefeated Texans, things don't look too swell. Far as I can tell, no team has ever started 0-3 and recovered to play in a Super Bowl and only the '92 Chargers, '95 Lions and '98 Bills regrouped to make the playoffs.

No doubt the wheels are wobbly. In the wake of Bears 27, Cowboys 20, Monday at Valley Ranch, there was a players-only meeting, a testy head coach Wade Phillips got into it with that damned media and safety Gerald Sensabaugh compared his team to a bunch of circus clowns.


But I don't think they are a bad team. More like a good team playing horribly. Fatally flawed teams are hapless, anemic. They don't have the ability to generate offense or the backbone to force a three-and-out. I know stats are hollow, but in this case they lead me to believe all is not lost.

Through two games the Cowboys have dominated their opponents in first downs (47-31), third-down conversions (11 of 26-4 of 24) total yards (790-558), offensive snaps (142-105), passing yards (651-431) and time of possession (33:51-26:09). Sorry, but those aren't the tell-tale signs of a 5-11 team.

That said, two missed field goals and a minus-4 turnover ratio = 0-2. Cowboys' radio analyst Babe Laufenberg said it best after Sunday's game:

"After a game like this you don't assess blame by pointing a finger," he said, "you simply pull back a thumb."

Who do you most blame for Oh and Two?

A) Wade Phillips.

B) Jason Garrett.

C) Tony Romo.

D) Jerry Jones.

E) David Buehler.

F) Roy Williams.

G) Mike Jenkins.

H) John Phillips.

I) Rowdy.

J) Barack Obama.

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