Who's the Most Trusted Man in Dallas/Fort Worth? On TV? When it Comes to Sports?

When Walter Cronkite punted the bucket recently, the title of "Most Trusted Man in America" fell to - believe it or not - Jon Stewart. While this news made me, a Daily Show devotee, click my heels, it also got me to thinking:

Who's the Most Trusted Sportscaster in the Metroplex?

I've appeared on Fox 4's Sports Sunday with Mike Doocy. I predict Channel 11's Babe Laufenberg will feel some love in next month's annual Dallas Observer "Best Of" issue. These days I find myself chatting sports alongside Channel 5's Newy Scruggs on 105.3 The Fan. And at Dallas Cowboys' training camp I spent some quality time with Channel 8's Dale Hansen and some cigars.

I realize most of us get the breadth of our TV sports news from ESPN, but, to me at least, the locals still serve a vital purpose. And we're fortunate in this town to have four quality options (RIP, Scott Murray).

Ratings, schmatings. I wanna know who you trust when you need to know. Here's the hypothetical:

On the same wacky day, Tony Romo tears his ACL, Dirk Nowitzki demands a trade and Elvis Andrus tests positive for steroids. Who, literally, do you turn to?

Mike Doocy.

Newy Scruggs.

Babe Laufenberg.

Dale Hansen.

Let's a keep tally, shall we?

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