Why Sally Horchow's Not Like the Rest of Us

Sally Horchow says she's been called a "Lifestyle Guru," a "Trend Expert" and a "Pop Culture Diva." Dreams can come true.

Sally Horchow--a "journalist," writes People, so it must be true--is out there pimping the book The Art of Friendship: 70 Simple Rules for Making Meaningful Connections, which she wrote with Daddy (Roger Horchow, natch). How could it be anything other than swellegant, what with logrolling, back-scratching quotes by Sally's pal Malcolm Gladwell and Roger's bud Bill Eff Buckley; we'd read it, but that would suggest we're interested in making friends (and keeping them, as if).

Sally's everywhere these days, as ubiquitous as Christmas carols in mid-November. (Want proof? She's got the clips collected on her site.) She's also in the December 4 People, which isn't yet on the stands or online. Haven't seen this many names dropped since Michael Richards played the Laugh Factory. Five famous (more or less) people mentioned in 120 words--where do they find room for the verbs? The guest list is after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky

In a new book, journalist Sally Horchow teams with dad Roger (who founded the Horchow Catalog) to share tips on cultivating pals. Here, how their rules guide her relationships.

DO THE DISHING Horchow and Owen Wilson grew up in Dallas together. They share memories (peach pie and fried chicken were served at birthday dinners for their dads, both born on July 3) and make a point of "catching up on the present, too," Horchow says.

DON'T NEST, HIVE Hiving is "creating innovative group activities," says Horchow, who hosts a monthly pot luck for fellow cooks including actress Janel Moloney. Adds Moloney: "You have to make time to reconnect."

PRESS "SEND" After an event hosted by Horchow, actress Daphne Zuniga, a friend of a friend, sent an e-card of thanks. Says Horchow: "Now we have plans to get together."

BE A MATCHMAKER Horchow introduced director Stephen Gaghan and author Malcolm Gladwell; they're now collaborating on a film. Horchow's bonus: "Steve introduced me to interesting new friends."

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Robert Wilonsky
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