Why Should Liverpool FC Fans Have All the Fun? Anfield? Arlington!

A couple months back -- or, the first time Tom Hicks was protested by Liverpool FC fans -- I mentioned something about how, ya know, maybe it'd be a nice idea to start a petition calling for Hicks to sell the Texas Rangers. Liverpool fans, rallying right now in England, had started their own online petition, begging Hicks to keep the soccer team's manager, Rafa Benitez, who had the nerve to publicly chastise the Texan for how he spent, or not, on players. To date, some 44,000 folks have signed the petition, often adding such comments as "Go home Yanks, you are a disgrace" and "hicks must go." And then there's this.

Well, turns out there's already an online petition begging Hicks to sell the Rangers; I found the link courtesy the Rangers or Robbers? site, which bears a "Rangers Fans Against Hicks" logo. The gist of the petition: "We believe Tom Hicks has failed as an owner." Only, c'mon, 44,000 folks can sign a petition demanding Hicks keep a team's manager, but a mere 113 folks have virtually signed the Rangers petition? And, like, most of them are Liverpool FC who feel your pain, Rangers fans. So get to it already. If nothing else, feels good to vent. After the jump, a sight not likely to be seen in the streets of Arlington. --Robert Wilonsky

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