Why You'd Want Want Of These, We Have No Idea

Far as I'm concerned at this point, three e-mails is a "torrent," so consider this a public service: If you'd like to order yourself one of those pink Tony Romo jerseys, like a certain someone was wearing Sunday at Texas Stadium, all you gotta do is go here -- to the NFL's official pro shop, matter of fact. A mere $59.99 will get you, or a loved one, the "Reebok Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo Women's Vibrant Replica Jersey."

Dunno about the "vibrant" part, but despite what you might have heard on KTCK-AM's morning show today, these jerseys are not associated with Susan G. Komen for the Cure, according to Komen's media relations folks today. Neither is this matching pink hat. Komen did partner with the National Football League Referee Association in October, but just so you know, the Dallas-based breast cancer foundation doesn't get a dime from the sale of those jerseys. Neither does Yoko Romo, for that matter. --Robert Wilonsky

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