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Wife's Lover Guns Down a Firefighter, A Confidential Informant Comes Clean and Donald Trump Feuds With Mark Cuban: The Week's News In Review

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We know your week is busy, so here's a quick fix for those news junkies who may have missed out. 

Ex-Con Tom Huntley Helped Put Away Hundreds of Dealers, but Don't Call Him a Snitch
Meet the Texan who went from an organized crime hoodlum to a celebrated confidential informant who helped the law put away drug dealers and quell prison riots. Here, for the first time, he and his police allies emerge from the shadows to tell the story.

Fear of Deportation Often Keeps Undocumented Victims of Domestic Violence Silent
Even though immigration status is legally irrelevant to obtaining emergency assistance, many victims of domestic abuse won't reach out for help.  And the problem is even worse when the abused spouses are dependent on family members who do have immigration status or U.S. citizenship.

Raided On the Street and Debated at City Hall, Times are Tough For Dallas' Little Free Libraries 
Thieves target Little Free Libraries and City Hall is mulling passing regulations on them. Dallas again proves that doing something to connect with your neighbors means you'll be exposed to meddling from low and high places.

University Park Firefighter Murdered By Wife and Boyfriend, Cops Say

Bob Poynter, a University Park firefighter, helped his estranged wife recover her Jeep from the mud. According to Royse City police, the call for help was just a set up to give Michael Garza the opportunity to shoot Poynter in the back of the head with a shotgun.

Weekly Schutze

Last month I made a request under the Texas Public Information law for all paychecks written to District Attorney Susan Hawk in the last six months, because I wanted to know if the county continued to pay her during repeated absences of many months duration. The county provided me with one pay stub for two weeks pay in the second half of July. Parts of it have been blacked out or redacted. Those are the parts that would have told me whether the county was continuing to pay Hawk’s medical insurance while she was not being paid regular salary.

From Jim Schutze, Now That She's Gone, What Must It Have Been Like Being Susan Hawk?

The Horse's Mouth

Maybe you've heard about the new high speed rail line proposed to connect Houston and Dallas. Now's your chance to hear about it, and act like a gadfly, in public. Or as the city puts it: 

An approximately 240-mile, high-speed rail line is pending approval by Dallas City Council. The train would take citizens from Dallas to Houston in about 90 minutes. A series of City-hosted community awareness meetings will be held in the next two months to gain input from citizens on the project. Discussions with Texas Central and City Council members will allow citizens to learn more about the project, ask questions and provide feedback.

Here's the full schedule of the public meetings. 

Parting Shot 
Billionaires and reality TV stars bicker on social media over the presidential campaign. Welcome to the 21st century.

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